About Deb DeVries

I Love Making People Smile

As an only child prone to bouts of loneliness and the occasional imaginary friend, I craved the validation that a simple smile could bring. Who doesn’t love smiling? I dare you to think back to the last time you broke out in a grin that stretched uncontrollably from ear to ear. I bet it’s been a while.

I found my life’s calling when I found theatre. With the power of my voice, I could whisper an audience into a trembling anticipatory silence. I could raise them to uproarious belly-aching laughter. I could even bond them all in a moment of shared euphoric experience with the uttering of a few words.

And then came the bills. While my love of the arts and theatre never escaped me, I leapt at the opportunity to join the workforce after college and pay off those hefty student loans, my strengths in communication and brand management shining brightly in my roles as Executive Presentation Manager at AT&T and Global Sales Training Manager with DHL.

Soon came Love, then came Marriage, then came Three Babies spread over nine years in several different baby carriages…

With my journey into motherhood I learned, above all else - Patience. Every parent reading this knows exactly what I mean. I found inspiration in watching them grow, and soon dove back into my love of acting and using my voice to make an impact on and for the people around me.

Within a year of getting back into fighting shape and putting in the hours with my voice over coaches at Voice One, I landed my first major corporate narration e-learning spot for the Jules, At Your Service App. Soon to follow were 180 second corporate and medical voice over spots for Zuraw Financial Services and Respivant, a R&D bio-pharmaceutical company.

Countless classes, endless workshops, (now dreaded) non-stop Zoom meetings, ever-flowing auditions, and never-ending recording sessions in my professional-grade home studio - I’m smiling more now than ever before.

And I want to bring my skills, expertise, and voice to you.

• Are you looking for a more mature and authoritative voice that can convert listeners into clients, even while delivering jargon-heavy medical narration?

• Are you searching for a playful and engaging tone to highlight the benefits of your up and coming new product, and need a voice to inspire your potential customers to try it out?

• Have you been searching for the right partner to collaborate in bringing you the right sound custom-tailored to your corporate narration needs?

I’m here to help problem-solve and work with you until we get your project just right. With my years of theatrical and voice over training, over a decade of corporate management and training experience, and my trials and errors as a parent - I am more than ready to dive into your work.

So, now it’s up to you… Are you ready to begin?