Happy clients of Deb DeVries

quotation mark Deb was easy to work with and provided exactly what we needed. quotation mark

Leighe Weifert – VP of Product Development, TIP Medical Communications Inc.

quotation mark Deb is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is professional, friendly, and her voice work is exceptional. Her voice has a natural warmth and sincerity, which gave our project a genuine and authentic feel. She was open to feedback, took direction easily, and delivered our script perfectly. I would highly recommend Deb as a voice-over artist! quotation mark

Brian Shephard – Owner & Director, The Skeleton Crew

quotation mark Deb is a talented voice actor and an absolute delight to work with. She responds to requests in a timely manner, and is always very gracious in her communications. Some voice actors sound like they’re reading lines. Deb always sounds like someone who truly understands the meaning behind the words, and who is speaking authentically about something she genuinely believes. She knows how to adapt and respond to feedback, and can change her pace & tone easily when requested. Overall, working with her has been a wonderful experience! quotation mark

Sam Clough – Producer with Osmosis Films in New York City, NY

quotation mark You will never go wrong when choosing Deb as the voice for your project. In fact, you may be making the wrong decision to NOT choose her for your project. Deb is an awesome voice actress that will deliver to you her best work and, most importantly, makes sure your directions are as follows. She will for sure go above and beyond for you, that I can assure you.

I appreciated the moment when Deb followed up with me to let me know she had provided me her audio files for a campaign project I'm working on, which turns out that her files were lost in my work email's strict security inbox. If she hadn't gone above and beyond to not only follow-up and contact me about the audio files but also tried every option available to ensure I received her work, I may not have been able to complete my project on time for my team.

I highly recommend Deb to be a voice for your project, or at the very least, give her a shot for the next time you need a wonderful voice accompanying your content! I can vouch that you will not find a more professional and astute artist as Deb! quotation mark

Kevin Kuo, MA — Digital Marketing Video Editor at Memorial Hermann Health System

quotation mark It was a pleasure working with Deb. Her voiceover was perfect for our podcast. She was easy to schedule, consistently ahead of deadlines, thoughtful, and precise in her delivery. She understands every instruction and has an excellent grasp of emotional tone, as well as technical specifics! quotation mark

Selena Seay-Reynolds — Production Coordinator, Audiation

quotation mark Deb is an absolute joy to work with! Not only is she extremely organized and responsive, but she also puts so much care into the work she delivers. Helping with our recent television commercials, Deb transformed our scripts with real emotion and authenticity. Her concern for quality makes her a true professional and crafts(wo)man. Add all this to her warmth and genuineness and you’ve got an outstanding partner! quotation mark

Katie Bullock — Creative Project Manager at Better Place Forests

quotation mark Before working with Deb DeVries, we had mostly used those typical voiceover audition sites. Don't get me wrong, those worked fine. However, working closely with Deb, was 10x better. Not only was she professional and accommodating but she also educated us on working with voice artists and how to continue to improve our processes. We strive to be a "talent and crew friendly" company so we really appreciated her feedback. Ultimately, our client on the project loved her work. They felt her voice gave the video that extra bit of quality that elevated the entire project. We will definitely use Deb in the future. quotation mark

Barrett Rodda — Founder & Filmmaker at Rising Tide Studios

quotation mark Deb was an incredible talent to work with! So professional from start to finish. We have worked with her on multiple projects now and she has been able to produce a unique voice and tone that fit the varying styles of each film. Very grateful to have her on our talent team! quotation mark

Julia Barnett — Producer at Wide Awake Films

quotation mark Deb is not only talented, she is an absolute professional. We have worked with her on several jobs and each time she has exceeded our expectations. She can take scant direction and flesh out an emotionally powerful read in very little time. I highly recommend her. quotation mark

Juan Antonio del Rosario — VP-Creative Director at Precision

quotation mark Great talent! Very easy to work with and I got great results. Thanks Deb! quotation mark

Christopher Harrison — Freelance Editor/Director/Producer. NYC

quotation mark Deb was great to work with and nailed the voice over for our project. Will definitely be calling on her again in the future. quotation mark

Ryan Bricker — Senior Video Editor

quotation mark Deb was amazing to work with! She was quick to respond and worked so well with the client. If you need a true professional on your job, she is the person to go with! Thanks for all of your hard work and professionalism, Deb! quotation mark

Reese St. Germain — Owner, Reese St. Germain Productions

quotation mark Deb has been an absolute pleasure to work with, delivering quality material in a timely fashion. Looking forward to staying connected! quotation mark

Jennah Quinn — Account Manager, Sensified

quotation mark Deb is so wonderful…so much presence and depth in her voice, and when given new direction, she just jumps in with creativity and courage. Would be a joy to work with her again. quotation mark

Anjali Bhimani — Actress (Symmetra from Overwatch)

quotation mark Deb is joy to work with! She does amazing work, takes feedback well, and charges a fair price. I'm looking forward to working with her again soon! quotation mark

Karl Pontau — Animated Videos, Effective Marketing

quotation mark I've hired Deb to voice several jobs, including E-Learning and AI. Her voice quality engages the listener and encompasses the right emotional elements. She takes direction well and is always fun to work with. I look forward to our next projects. quotation mark

Elaine A. Clark — Author of: There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is & CEO - Voice One

quotation mark Deb possesses a fearless approach to creating unique interpretations in her work. She does more than just sing or act she brings a unique interpretation to each piece with creativity, intuition, and technique. quotation mark

Claire Yarrington – Vocal Coach & Artistic Director

quotation mark Deb has the ability to connect with the text on an emotional level that is genius. Not only does she know the craft of voice over but she embraces the heart of the piece and you can hear that in her work. quotation mark

Joan Baker – Author of: Secrets of Voice-Over Success & Co-Founder / COO of SOVAS

quotation mark Deb is simply the best! Fast and professional, while not sacrificing any quality. Her voice is strong and flexible to accommodate exactly what we needed. quotation mark

Kent Godfrey — CEO HomeIQ

quotation mark Deb DeVries is the definition of professional talent. She innately understands the nuances in copy and takes direction well. Always on time and prepared, she is a pleasure to work with and would be a benefit to any project. quotation mark

Jodi Gottlieb — Writer/Producer/VO Coach

quotation mark In mid-2020 my company, Skinprint, launched a rebranding campaign to introduce our reimagined skin care line. I hired Deb to be the voice for the new launch. She was a real pro. The combination of her corporate background and expertise as a voice actor were the perfect combination for us and she didn’t disappoint. Deb was professional, listened to our objectives, met our deadlines, gave us creative options, and delivered a superior product. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to hire her again in the future. quotation mark

Robert Manzo — President & Founder, Skinprint

quotation mark Deb and I first worked together at Ampex, where she developed and produced an innovative, award-winning video-based self-training program. We recently reconnected, and I discovered that she's returned to her first love of acting, specifically voiceover narration. Her voice is perfect to present the Enovix brand in our website video—where many people develop their first impression of our company, technology, and products. Deb is smart and talented. I strongly recommend her for projects that need a clear, credible voice to promote your brand. quotation mark

Bruce Pharr — Strategic Advisor and Senior Consultant

quotation mark I had the great pleasure of working with Deb DeVries recently for a marketing video l was directing last December. As a Director, you hope everyone on the job will share the same perspective on what it means to be a professional, and Deb is 110% professional. She was early to arrive, fully prepared, highly directable, and most importantly, very skilled at her craft. She even brought her own wardrobe, including several options for jackets and tops. And last, but by no means least, she was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Deb for any on-camera or voice over project you have coming up, that requires an experienced, confident, and friendly delivery. I look forward to working with Deb again in the near future. quotation mark

Roy Cox — Owner Roy Cox Video Productions

quotation mark I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Deb DeVries for over 6 years. We worked together both at the same company and most recently, at different companies. In hiring Deb to be the on-camera and voice over actor for an introductory video for my company, SLS-Fundraising, I knew that the end-result would be stellar, and she did not disappoint. Deb’s commitment to excellence is extraordinary. She was professional, creative, and best of all fun to work with. I am delighted with the video and proud to use it to represent my company. I highly recommend her for any voice over or on-camera project. quotation mark

Susan Sappington — President at SLS Fundraising & Charity Events

quotation mark I had the utmost pleasure of working with Deb DeVries’ on a video marketing project for my business that raises millions of dollars each year for nonprofit organizations. I did not have the opportunity to meet Deb until the day of the shoot but I was super happy that our paths crossed. Deb is a true professional and the value she added in my video with her poise and professionalism has proven to be a huge benefit to me, my company and my associates. I would not hesitate to use her talents for video or voice over work in the future! She’s a pro! quotation mark

Steve Haworth — Auction Fundraising, LLC

quotation mark Self-Assured. Playful. Smart. Deb has all the attributes of the ideal voice over actor. To top it off, her velvety bold voice can represent Fortune 500 companies, scrappy small business owners, smoldering video game villains, and the warmest, happiest, cereal pouring commercial mom. Deb was already very talented when I met her three years ago, and her skills have only multiplied. I encourage you hire her before you even finish reading this recommendation. quotation mark

Sally Clawson — Owner at Voice One

quotation mark In the past 30 years, I've had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the voiceover industry so as a producer and director in voiceover I don't impress easily. Deb DeVries is a STANDOUT talent. She has a beautiful signature sound, great acting chops and she will absolutely brighten your day with her fun personality. Deb's the "real deal" so don't think twice about working with her. :) quotation mark

Chuck Duran — VoiceOver Demo Producer, Director, Musician, Host of VO Buzz Weekly

quotation mark As a voice-over artist, Deb DeVries embodies warmth, compassion, and whole-heartedness that radiates to the listener. "How do you do that?" I ask. But like all good professionals, the answer lies at the heart of the work. Deb understands her subject well, becoming at one with it or the "thing itself," which is why she's so good. Hire her! quotation mark

Brian Thomas — Assistant Head of School at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS)